Below are some reviews from some of our previous attendees. Take a look at what they are saying about our instructional courses:

Jim Mitchell’s presentation on Conflict Resolution to our Leadership Vallejo class was nothing short of outstanding.  Using language that was totally comprehensible to all class participants, he presented situations and solutions that resonated with everyone, regardless of their background and education.  Every student evaluation mentioned the value to them personally of the presentation and commented on his easy-going presentation style.  We value his material and his warm, friendly presentation style so much that he’s been asked to teach the course again this year.

Linda Kane
Leadership Vallejo
I was very impressed with Jim’s preparation, presentation skill, participant interaction and professionalism.  His material was relevant and engaging.  He interacted with the participants extremely well, by use of humorous stories or examples, interactive workshop activities, and discussion questions.  We received unanimously positive responses from the class surveys, including remarks indicating that this was the best class they had ever taken.  I have seen Jim in action for other excellent presentations as well and highly recommend him as a teacher, trainer and presenter.

Dave McMurtry
Director of Adult Ministries
Northgate Christian Fellowship