Uncommon Sense

A seminar on creativity that will challenge participants to own up to their own creative nature and put it to use. Some times creativity just flows out of us ... but most times it is planted, cultivated, watered and then harvested. It’s not that people are not creative, it is just an unwillingness to do the work to get to the harvest. After attending this seminar ... it won’t feel like work.

  • In the seminar you will learn the steps of the creative process.
  • How to harness your own unique abilities and personality to bring out YOUR creative side.
  • How to work with others to get to ideas you never would have reached on your own.
  • You will do creative activities during the seminars.

( This can be tailored to fit a two hour workshop or a one day seminar )

For further details or to book this event, CONTACT me. Thank you for your interest in K.I.T.E seminars.